• ABD at Pagosa Hot Springs in Cloud earrings and butterfly bracelet.
  • Peace feather bracelet leaning against a wall

Sophisticated Designs and Reclaimed Materials for all your Adventures!

"I love your work. It makes the bad ass unique and beautiful parts of me feel so expressed!" Lydia Esposito

"Your jewelry was one of the very few things that I carry in the shop that ALL of us (from my sister, all my employees & my dad!) agreed was really cool.  That doesn't happen often!" Kathy, from Over the Moon, NC

Original jewelry designs inspired from Alix's travels and awareness of stewardship for our planet. Her focus is to create stunning jewelry while reducing, reusing, and recycling materials such as up-cycled bicycle inner tubes. The use of base metals and silver is another style that is handcrafted and available online. Alix's skills were honed in at Pratt Institute and refined through her teaching experience and ongoing artwork. Be sure to follow us Facebook and Instagram for special promotions and to learn more.