Abby has big dreams and tons of talent!

Where is home?

Abby lives in North Fayston, Vermont with her German Shepard, Kona and her bunny Coco in a beautiful home she has cultivated over the years. It is beaming with ornate details and incredible art.

Abby rocking her ABD culture at the Mud Studio in Middlesex, VT.

What are your hobbies and sports? Gardening, I love working in the woods, playing with clay, sewing, reading, being creative and getting sh*t done! I really like to design houses and I'm excited for the tiny houses I will be building on my property. I just love animals because they are always happy to see me. I like to think of my sports as chainsawing, tractor driving and weeding, oh, plus, swimming!

What would your ideal day look like? I would spend the morning with my animals, the afternoon in the garden and the evening at the clay studio with Kona, who never leaves my side.

Abby and Kona at her pond in Fayston, Vt, wearing her ABD culture.

If you could change one thing about the world for the better, what would it be? Oh god, I wish people could be kinder to each other, I really do!

What is a hard lesson you've learned over the years? You can't change others and nobody else can make you happy. A lot of times people blame others and think it's their responsibility for you to make them happy.

Abby chainsaw's, tractors and so much more.

What's a life long success? Teaching. I never thought of myself as a teacher until Mike, the owner of the Mud Studio twisted my arm to teach a ceramics class. I thought I had no business teaching but he convinced me to try and it turns out I love it!

How do you relate to your ABD? I love it! I don't go out of the house without either a bracelet or earrings on. It's comfortable, waterproof and fun! I can get clay all over it and clean it right off! 

When Abby noticed the severe lack of affordable housing options in the Mad River Valley she got fired up and wondered what she could do about it! She's taken matters into her own hands and has started developing her property to accommodate 6 tiny homes.  She was featured in the Valley Reporter explaining the process she's been undergoing to get her project approved. She truly has big dreams and the talent to complete this project and be a great housing resource for the Valley!

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