Amanda- "When I wear ABD I feel more confident and beautiful."

Where is home?

My name is Amanda Mckay and I am originally from the suburbs of Syracuse, NY (very exciting), my journey to Waterbury, VT wasn't all that direct. After college, I lived in Ithaca, NY, followed by Vergennes, VT, Portland, ME, Milwaukie, Minneapolis, back to Syracuse via the West Coast, back to Vermont, then to Philadelphia, southern Florida, Portland, OR, Bolton Valley, VT and finally put my roots down at home in Waterbury. 

Amanda learning to fly fish in Stowe, VT. Wearing her ABD up-cycled rubber adventure jewelry.

What are your hobbies & sports?

As a child I had a hard time expressing myself and I found art -- painting and drawing -- to be a helpful outlet. I also loved playing in the dirt, so gardening wasn't out of the question... ok, I was a weird ten year old that loved gardening, and now that I own a house on an acre, I am loving growing my own flowers. For me, gardening is a creative art -- combining colors, textures, and composition, along with science and some luck and patience. I also love using my creative juices in the kitchen... and for some physical expression; running, biking, skiing, being on or in water...  and trail building!

Amanda riding her bike for the B3 festival wearing ABD up-cycled rubber adventure jewerly.

What would your ideal day look like?

I really don't think there is a enough time in one day to cover everything -- or every season. But it would involve a lot of amazing food -- like Eggs Benedict and fondue, maybe some french toast, and more cheese... with wine. My friends would definitely be there, along with my dog, Lolly, and we would probably be outdoors. We end the day with an epic dance party. 

 If you could change one thing about the world for the better, what would it be? 

Income inequality. We'll see what happens after that. 

Amanda and her dog Lolly. Amanda is rocking the lori feather earring, an up-cycled rubber adventure jewelry.

Tell us about a hard lesson and what you took away from it?? 

Not being my own advocate. I am one of those people that doesn't like offending others. So instead of facing a conflict I stay quiet. In the long run it hurt me, bad. No one else can speak up for me. But being my own advocate doesn't always mean facing conflict but being honest about your needs and finding happiness. It also means expressing yourself; telling those that are important to you that you love them, that they make you happy. 

Amanda and friends at B3 bike festival, rocking ABD adventure up-cycled rubber jewelry.

How did you and Alix meet?

Waffle Wednesday. My partner at the time dragged me out to dinner at these people's house. They were making waffles... truth is, I'm an introvert, so this was super overwhelming -- tons of strangers and they were all loud and giggling. Turns out all those strangers became bestest friends I have ever had and it was just a few days before Alix and Hans's wedding. 

Amanda paddle boarding at the Waterbury Reservoir, wearing her waterproof, up-cycled rubber adventure jewelry.

How do you relate to your ABD? 

ABD jewelry is so much cooler than I am. At first I enjoyed wearing something that is up-cycled, light, durable and beautiful -- but at some point for me, it became about empowerment. Wearing something that is resilient, created by a woman, and woman-led business. When I wear ABD I feel more confident and beautiful.

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