The spotlight this month is on my mom! Her birthday was the 21st, so this month is dedicated to her.

First, my perspective on my mom, Lori Klein: as a kid, I under appreciated her, she brought hot soup and ran baths for me when I was sick. She always read to me before bed and made my lunch for way too many years. She could scold me one minute and answer the phone in a charming voice the next. She supported all of my dreams and cried the first time I got on the bus for kindergarten and when I went to college. It wasn't until my 20's that I realized how lucky I was and still am.

1st photo - Mom painting plein air in the Mad River Valley, VT.

When I first started ABD Culture and my mom would rave about it, I must admit, I was a little embarrassed. But honestly, it's through her sharing, selling and promoting of my business that I had the opportunity to test venues, build confidence and grow. She's edited copy, critiqued designs, assembled jewelry, helped at craft fairs when I've needed her, and assisted in making business decisions.

Here is the interview with my mom!

What would your ideal day look like?

My ideal day is to ski anywhere with my two daughters!

What are your failures and successes?

When I think of my failures they mostly come in the form of my lack of control over my eating habits tied to weight gain and loss. I know I have learned a lot about it but still haven’t conquered it.

2nd photo - Mom and Dad at the summit of Mount Washington, NH.

Mom & Dad top of Mount Washington, NH

My successes are my children and the pride and love I feel for my two amazing daughters. I am also very proud of Artisans’ Gallery, a business created 25 years ago by 6 amazing women to exhibit and sell Vermont craft and fine art. Jewelry and hand painted gift cards are my artistic contribution. I am extremely grateful that Alix has recently joined as a partner!

My career as Buyer at the Warren Store has been the fulfilling culmination of years of retail experience strengthened by my stint in the Executive Training Program at Bloomingdale’s after graduating from Smith College.

3rd  photo - A birthday card Mom drew for my 31st birthday of me mountain biking.

card of Alix mountain biking, made by mom

If you could change one thing about the world for the better, what would it be?

 I think an important step to making the world a better place would be to take the partisanship out of government, change the electoral college to a majority voting system and let policy making be about the good of the people and the planet and not about power and greed. We need to focus on climate change and systemic racism for the good of all.

How were you introduced to ABD and how do you relate to the jewelry?

Not only was I introduced to ABD but I gave birth to ABD! I make jewelry myself so I like to wear my own when I can but I never go out, without an ABD bracelet and quite often, earrings as well.

4th photo - Mom rocking her ABD at a summer BBQ.

 Mom wearing up-cycled rubber adventure jewelry.

In closing, I'd like to say that as kids it's hard to recognize and appreciate how the struggles and the support of our family gives us the gifts we possess as adults, but it is in appreciation that we are able to move forward and utilize the power generated by those successes and trials. We are all different and weird and family can be embarrassing, but it is also one of our biggest strengths. So to quote Michael Franti, "all the freaky people make the beauty of the world."  Thanks Mom for teaching me so much.

5th photo -Mom and I trying on silly hats at the Warren Store in Warren, VT where is has been the buyer for 13 years.

Silly hats at the warren store

6th photo -My mom's nickname is the "Sparkly Blue-Eyed Cupcake," and also the Butterfly. She created the family tradition of making cards for us. A tradition that I have embraced. This is the only thing I am "required" to give her on her birthday!

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