Kristin- success is like a pie crust!

Introduction to Kristin Kellett, aka KK!

Kristin was that girl in high school that you heard rumors about that you never wanted to get on her bad side, because she was strong, tough and would kick your ass! So it was no surprise when I moved home that I saw her for the first time in the gym! This lady makes me laugh, always looks on the bright side and brings joy to every adventure and task, no matter how shitty. She always has my back, is super accepting and full of love, plus her dance moves are off the hook!

Where did you grow up and where are you today?

I grew up in Waterbury, Vermont and have remained here ever since- 38 yrs strong. I come from a wholesome family with some honest people, a hardworking-family oriented sort-a folk. We do literally anything for one another. I think that’s helped make it so easy for me to stay and I’ve grown up with Vermont. Just like the seasons, I’m ever changing.  

Abby by her pond in North Fayston, Vermont, wearing ABd Culture.


What are your hobbies & sports?

I’ve always been super athletic but recently have fallen in love with mountain biking, (thanks girl) crossfit, soccer, waterskiing, snowboarding/skiing. I 100% love all that the outdoors has to offer. Also, dancing and cooking with family and friends. 

How we met.

Alix and I went to the same high school, we hung out, did outrageous things, survived, grew and moved on with our lives. Each very differently. I heard she had come back to town, and happened to meet again for the first time in idk, 12 years or more at the local crossfit gym and I would agree that we are both so happy to have rekindled our friendship into the one we have today.  I without a doubt call her family, forever. She is one of the most supportive friends I’ve ever had.

What would your ideal day look like?  There are so many days! Which ones to choose? I’d love to sleep in, just a little... coffee, light breakfast and get right to it. Whatever the weather chooses. I would love to go to crossfit in the morning, hang out, chat about how great everyone pushed themselves in the WOD, (Workout Of the Day) high-five and prep for the next activity. This time of year I'd likely gravel or mountain bike ride with friends. Have dinner and play with my kids. Watch the sunset and snuggle with my loves and let them fall asleep in my arms.

If you could change one thing about the world for the better, what would it be? For folks to have a little understanding, pour a little love into the day. Both go a long way. We all want to end global warming and wish we could be a more sustainable community, and gosh do I wish that for my littles. Though what I can offer them is to practice patiences. Show you care, and feel with love. Do something that makes a difference in the day and maybe days ahead. Small steps help create big leaps!

Tell me about a time when you learned a hard lesson and what you took away from it? 

This world is filled with hurdles, that won’t end. It’s how you approach the hurdles and how you decide to get to the other side that is up to you. It doesn’t mean you need to go over… because there’s always another path, just need to find it. 

Tell me about a time you had success and what you learned from it? 

My children teach me the most about success. I have 3 beautiful girls. They’re 14, 10 and 2… my 14 year old keeps be grounded and honest with myself. My 10 year old reminds me that everyone needs to be heard and my 2 year old keeps me patient. Sometimes when you have a WIN day you feel invincible, like if I was able to check off my whole list, got to every event on time, crushed dinner, and still had time to play. Success is like refining your pie crust, when you did it right you know it, and it tasted great! Just like success!

high fiving with adventure jewelry at the end of a great ride!

How were you introduced to ABD?

When Alix moved back to VT, she took me on my first mountain bike ride, and I  snagged my first pair of feather earrings. I don’t think in the last 5 years I’ve worn anything but ABD. It’s the absolute best! 

How do you relate to your ABD jewelry? 

I love ABD. It truly is the most effortless thing I do in a days time. It’s unique, it’s elegant, it’s beautiful and powerful. It’s light and goes with literally everything I ever do. Water-sports, snow sports, all sports-  festivals/dancing, fancy dinners, to out to the local watering hole. I love that Alix strives to do better by this world. Her artistic nature and kind heart is a small piece of what ABD is, but also the whole sha-bang. I love her work, I love her. 


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