Lydia Aleya Yellow Flower Lake

Name and Home:

Lydia Aleya Yellow Flower Lake von Briesen

Batesville, VA

How did you first meet Alix?

I have a distinct memory of Alix playing with Sebastian and Schuyler (Lydia's 2 boys) and hearing her make excellent dirt bike noises BraaaaaAAaaaaapbrapbraaaaaaap.

I was completely smitten. Still am.

What are your hobbies?

 I like to hang out and not do anything both alone and with family and friends. I like to study Japanese Tea Ceremony. I like to  practice flow. And spacious time. I like things that are outside, give me a sense of accomplishment, and to put my attention on my movement.

 Lydia in the sunset.

What would the qualities of your ideal day have:


Chill-spacious time



If you could help the world, what would change:

I would change how grownups don’t listen to kids. That groups of grownups are even worse at listening to kids, I would change that kids don’t feel their voices are heard and loved and honored. Really. Kids are the true visionaries. It’s time to arrange ourselves in an order that serves us all.

Lydia laughing rocking her ABD.

What are the hard lessons you have learned?

It’s easier to own what I’ve done and be a complete person, than to feel incomplete.

Doing the hard thing hasn’t gotten easier, but I have gotten better at doing the hard thing well. And there’s still so much more to learn!

What are Success you have had?

The cliche of turning the boat downstream comes to mind. But knowing what next stream I am aiming for gives the whole experience a taste of success. Other words for success: accomplishment, satisfaction, joy, peace, contentment.

How did you learn about ABD?

I am remembering days pre ABD, so sad!

I think my learning how remarkably versatile the earrings are was from JJ when she had the three feathers hanging on chains. They do all the things well! It’s such a successful project  in that way. What would I do without my ABD? I’m so grateful. The combo of beautiful design and up cycle and its black and its waterproof and and and and seriously. But the designer herself is the true gem. It’s nice she shares herself in these ways.



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