Rachel Rahimah Red Flower Lake

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Rachel Rahimah Red Flower Lake Subrah von Briesen Wright

Charlottesville Va 

Where I grew up in the mountains is such sacred land.

I’ve always considered New Mexico part of my home as well as I was born there and it is where I spent my first years of life. It is where my spiritual memories were born and I have lots of family there.

Red Flower Lake; Rahimah & Abel playing music in VA.

How you met Alix?

I met Alix because she was dating my brother. They were both thriving which was totally awesome and let me know that Alix is definitely a badass to keep up with my badass brother’s activity level.

 What are your hobbies and sports?

I am an Alexander Technique teacher and teacher trainer. I have run several marathons but not much into running right now. My favorite things to do these days are exploring the forest, playing with my kids, dancing, and making music.

 What would your ideal day look like?

I would have more than one. But one of the days, it would be summer. I would have slept outside - something open air ish. Before I would get out of bed, I’d get really clear and speak my affirmations and intentions for the day. Then I would roll out of bed and lie on my back or on my front supported by some pillows on a hard surface like the earth or the floor for a few minutes before finding my way into some morning stretching and body waking up. Then I would make my prayer by lighting a candle or a small fire, drinking some water and singing and playing my drum. After that, I would make some tea to go and take a snack and go onto a quiet body of water and canoe or kayak for an hour or two or maybe go on a walk and swim. Something about water and movement outside. Then, I’d come home to have a quick rinse off (or not) and some breakfast. Ideally a smoothie bowl because those are delicious in the summer or a salad with some eggs or something like that. Then I’d get to work on Red Flower Lake stuff! Either making music or writing, or whatever the day calls for in that regard. Ideally, my family (husband and kids) would be taking really good care of themselves, either still asleep or doing their thing with grace and ease - taking care of their basic needs and thriving in their independence. We would be in open dialogue throughout the day, checking in and gaining insight and sharing in life together. We would gather to make lunch as a family and have an afternoon reading aloud session and then continue on with our projects. We would gather again to make dinner together and go on an evening walk followed by a family movie and dessert. 

That’s an ideal day for me.  

Rahimah fixing her car in Virginia.

If you could change one thing about the world for the better, what would it be? 

Oh gosh, this is hard. For me, this has to do with how we treat our earth mama and the breakdown of our consciousness that we are interconnected with her and the universe as a whole. It has to do with reclaiming our spirituality and getting right with our work here. It has to do with honoring and providing safe places for all of life - human and otherwise. I’m not sure how to answer this question as it has so much to do with the frame we see things through but I guess very broadly, I pray that we wake up to ourselves, our wholeness, our humanity, the privilege it is to be in human form and on this living earth. I pray that we begin opening our arms to our deepest dreams. 

 Tell me about a time when you learned a hard lesson and what you took away from it?

Love this question. Vulnerability!

I had a life of denying myself my truth which came to a head when a father I was nannying for professed his love for me and wanted very badly for me to kiss him and be as intimate as a person can be with another. Though every ounce of my body was saying “what the hell, this is so inappropriate”, and though I wanted to honor my truth, I was unable to be effective because of my very real fear of disappointing and being disliked by others was stronger than my dedication to my own well being. Don’t get me wrong, I did the very best I could to stop the situation. I said no. I said go to your wife. I said this isn’t right. But internally I was terrified of rejection, of being accused of being at fault, of losing someone I thought was a friend because at that point it hadn’t occurred to me that someone who doesn’t listen to your needs is no friend at all… So I was not strong internally in my “get off me, jerk” vibes. Needless to say, things did not go well. And afterwards my body felt beat up. I was so confused and hurt and in denial. I could see his point of view to the point that I could barely see my own. All I knew is I hated being in that situation.

A lot has come out of that pain. 

I have learned to listen to my body. That no one else knows me or my needs like I do. I am the best advocate for me just like everyone else is for themselves. Not knowing my needs as a young twenty something woman did not happen overnight. I didn't suddenly wake up and not know myself or my needs. This was a long process of denying myself. I was well practiced at this point. Confusion was a very familiar state. And the lessons are ongoing. I am learning to not be afraid of my feelings but instead to honor and listen to them. I’m learning that it is alright to not be loved by everyone - that my love and care for myself is much more important, useful, and empowering than compromising my truth in order to try to be loved by anyone. And I am very slowly learning that self love gives more room for others to have their own needs and they don’t need to be the same as mine. We as a collective, are a living organism and each one of us is the part we are responsible for. The more I can be responsible for myself and leave other people to their responsibilities, the better off the people in my life are.

Rahimah and the truth bracelet.

 Tell me about a time you had success and what you learned from it?

Succes. What a word. 

Everytime I get to something and complete it, I feel success. And what I learn from that is that it is a gift I don’t welcome enough, to sit down and do the thing that needs to get done. The thing that is calling out - just do it. That’s what I've learned from completing tasks. Completing them feels good. Completing them well feels the best. 

How were you introduced to ABD?

I think I was introduced to ABD when my younger sister showed me the coral cuff you had made in Lake Tahoe? Is that right? And I was like, dude, That is Amazing!!! And then you started to make stuff out of bicycle innertube and I was like DUDE! This is even More Amazing!!! So yeah. I’m a huge fan.

How do you relate to your ABD jewelry?

I relate to ABD as family, as sisterhood, as wearable no matter where. It really is wearable art. I relate to it like badassery, gonna go slay whatever it is there is to slay that day or night. I love my ABD. I only wish I could put my energetically useful stones in them somehow...

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