The longest stand-in neck model!

Where you've lived and a little bit about the places you have lived and what they gave to your journey?

I live in Warren, Vermont; the same town in which I grew up.  I have tried living in Germany, LA, and Burlington yet I always find myself wanting to be home.  I suppose I get this from our Father.  I love home.  I love my family and I absolutely love adventuring and then returning to the most wonderful pace on Earth, the Mad River Valley.

Devin skiing at Sugarbush rocking her ABD culture adventure rubber jewelry.

Will you share a funny story or adventure y'all have had?

We are sisters. We don’t make sense without one another.  I'm not sure what more to say other than we have been laughing and crying together since the days I can no longer remember.  We have shared countless adventures and always I have looked up to my wild and courageous older sister, she is a force and I am grateful for her bravery and joyful spirit.

Devin on the beach in Charleston, SC wearing her honeycomb rubber ABD Culture adventure jewelry.

What hobbies and sports do you enjoy?

I love to be outside.  Presently I am growing a baby inside me so my activities are a bit limited but typically I love to run, canoe, paddle board, hike, walk, SLED! that's a favorite for sure, ride horses and try not to die while following my sister through the woods on skis.

 What would your ideal day look like? 

Delicious breakfast, whatever outside activity the day lends itself to with my friends and family, maybe even all day long, lunch (I hate skipping meals), a good book, friends for dinner where we all cook together and card games.

Devin driving the lull wearing her ABD Culture upcyceld rubber jewelry.

If you could change one thing about the world for the better, what would it be? 

This is an impossible question for me to answer.  I hurt for our planet.  I love Mother Nature as much as any family member.  Suffice it to say, I have dedicated my life and business to "The Silent Revolution," a put your money where your mouth is philosophy. A movement whose name I think I coined during my years in college at UVM and one that works to support initiatives in the world that help promote healthy homes, communities, business practices, foods, and environments. In a world driven by capitalism using our money to make change seems the most efficient and effective.

Devin skiing in the woods at Sugarbush, wearing her Alixandra Barron Designs upcycled rubber adventure jewelry

Tell me about a time when you learned a hard lesson and what you took away from it?

As a business owner I feel like hard lessons come at least yearly.  Often in the form of giving too much of myself away.  I have had to learn how to set boundaries.  How to be clear without being unkind, yet feeling confident in my choices.  It is easy to say yes, it is hard to say no.  With the help of my family both chosen and given, I have been learning to do what is best for me and my family in the face of what, at times, feels like unbearable pressure from clients.

Devin at the New York Gift show snuggling a stuffed tiger, rocking her upcycled rubber adventure jewelry.

Tell me about a time you had success and what you learned from it?

Well as my big sister has taught me, celebrate the small wins!  I am learning to find joy in every win and observing what brought on that success so it can be replicated.  Furthermore, I have come to understand that what often feels like a failure turns out to be a win.

Devin and Kayah sledding while devin is wearing her upcycled rubber adventure ABD jewelry.

How were you introduced to ABD?

I think I am Alix's longest stand-in neck model.  I have had the privilege of being the recipient of most of her art since childhood.

Devin and her husband, Taylor enjoying the beach while devin wears her upcycled rubber jewelry.

How do you relate to your ABD?

With Pride, Joy, Love, and Gratitude.  As a woman in construction I love that I can wear my jewelry playing outside, working on a timber frame, or out to dinner or a party.  Yay Wearable Lace, especially the big statement pieces!  Also, I happen to love Alix's drawings and doodles, so to be able to wear them like tattoos brings me great pleasure.

Devin and Alix wearing ABD rubber adventure jewelry swimming in Blueberry lake, VT.

My Sister is an incredible woman with talent to spare.  I am so glad she has found a path in life that allows her to live her truth, do what she loves and share her art and values with the world.  She works everyday to reduce waste, provide beauty and lift people up.  That is worth Shouting to the stars about!  Go Girl.  I love you.

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